Kb's learning journey

Somewhere we have a picture of our bike with a camping gear back rest.... (post here) :-)
When we were young, we took many trips on a motorcycle due to it being our only mode of transportation. We even made it to Yosemite, as well as more local trips into SF, seeing family or just getting from here to there.

The 1980 red Ninja 900
This was always Kathi's favorite bike. She was sad that we sold it when we went to Japan for 2+ years in 1990.

3 of 4 kids on bike w/Chris (my 2nd favorite bike, the Rune)
Though the idea was to not ride motorcycles while we had young children, a long commute with the ability to split lanes in CA led to Chris riding again.

Nicky (16) going to Superbike School
Tony (16) doing MSF class
As the kids got older we introduced the first two to getting a motorcycle permit along with their auto permit.

Andy (JR50) ....... Joci (CRF80f) ......... Tony (T-TR125)
We also all played with riding various little bikes, and a bit of dirt bike riding.

SW Motorcycle Safety
On January 9th and 10th of 2021, Kathi took the first SW Motorcycle permit training class online and at the Clark County Fairgrounds.

riding practice with permit
Fish Hatchery / hike 2021/01/16
Pearson to the airplane hangar 2021/01/17
Camas/Fallen Leaf Lake park (hike) & street practice 2021/01/20
TJs, Fred's then braking practice 2021/02/07
down McGillvrey, them Fred Meyers 2021/02/21
David Douglas park 2021/03/03
Camas circle alone 2021/03/11
9th to Haagen, to 178th, Fred's 2021/03/12
Washougal River road & Canyon Creek loop 2021/03/13
Knapp landing 2021/03/17
Cape Horn trail head (hike) 2021/03/23
Woodland, over to Lacamas Lake area, home 2021/03/27
MeadowBrook Marsh & hike 2021/03/30
Dougan Falls & up the gravel road 2021/03/31
Dougan Falls w/Nicky & Olivier 2021/04/19
Moulton Falls up w/Chris (N&O down) 2021/04/23
Peace Health circle practice 2021/05/04
loop to go through Forest Homes Rd, Brady & a quick freeway run 2021/05/05
Moto loop w/lake, Lacamas lake upper trail 2021/05/16
Moto Lake/500/Blair/Sheridon loop 2021/05/22
Ninja: loop to Sadie's and Josie's thru several airparks, Kaiser & freeway 2021/05/26

Kathi's NEW(!) Ninja 400
After researching good beginner bikes in the 400cc range for seat height, visiting dealers and sitting on them, on May 17, we bought her a brand new Kawasaki Ninja 400 ABS.

Kathi passing her endorsement test
On May 28, she took her final tests and got her motorcycle license endorsement on her Ninja.

A few days later, Kathi considered her next options for continuing to build her motorcycle skills:
dirts bikes, the PNW tour Chris was doing, easy road trips, and track days (She remembered our kids' CA Superbike school experience and thought that was a good start too.)

dirt bike riding:

Dougan Falls dirt roads 2022/03/22
Dirtbike weekend in Northern WA 2021/10/09
Rookie Riders Gravel Road practice Washouglal 2021/09/12
*Dirt bikes and Mountain Bike at Jones Creek with Tony 2021/09/04
*Dirt bikes at Jones Creek with Tony 2021/08/08
*Dirt bikes at Jones Creek 2021/06/09
*Dirt bikes at barn & Nicky's bike 2021/05/30
Picture of Kawasaki 230S Comments about riding

PNW: the PNW-GT 2021, 2022 Flags: #356, #121

2022:3 WA13 Widbey Island and WA15 Wynoochee Dam 2022/07/21
OR2 Cooper Spur 2022/06/21 (2 tries)
2021:6 OR8 Dee Wright Observatory 2021/09/05
WA7 Stonehenge and The Gorge 2021/07/10
(Superbike School), WA6 Elbe, and WA1 Forks 2021/07/05
OR1 Nehalem and WA5 Ilwaco 2021/06/13

road trips:

Columbia River Scenic Highway 2022/07/10
Date 'n ride to Stevenson 2022/03/11
To Mac and Back 2021/06/22
Back-roads (almost) to Longview 2021/06/19

track days:

*broken: Trackday @ Portland International Raceway 2021/09/24
2Fast @ The Ridge 2021/09/13
Superbike School (with Elbe and Forks) 2021/07/05

hiking outings while learning to ride

Hike Crater Lake / PC trail 2021/06/05 3:00p-4:15
Moto loop w/lake, Lac lake upper trail 2021/05/16 2:30-5:30
Powell Butte hike 2021/05/15 SAT 4 – 7pm
Captain William Clark park hike 2021/05/10 4:15p - 6:30
Walk no hike 2021/05/02 SUN 4:15 – 5pm
Mirror Lake hike (in snow) 2021/05/02 6:40 – 7:20pm
Mill Creek Bridge Canyon walk 2021/05/02 SUN 3:30 – 4pm
Lacamas/Potholes hike w/Nicole and Olivier 2021/04/28 2:30-5p
Moulton Falls Moto & hike w/ Nicole and Olivier 2021/04/23 FRI 3:15 – 6:15pm
Dougan Falls Moto & hike w/ Nicole and Olivier 2021/04/19 11:30-1:30pm
Marquam hike 4.1 miles 2021/04/04 SUN 3 – 5:30pm
Moto to Meadowbrook marsh & hike 2021/03/30 TUE 3 – 5pm
Douglas Dougan hike 2021/03/29 MON 6:40 – 7:40pm
Battleground Lake state park hike 2021/02/20 SAT 11:30am – 1:30pm
Moto to Camas/Fallen Leaf Lake park (hike) & street practice 2021/01/20 WED 2:45 – 4:15pm
Walk w/Yvonne then w/Chris 2021/01/19 TUE 1 – 2pm, 2-3:30pm
Hike lower Macleay park 2021/01/18 MON 2 – 3:30pm
Moto ride to Fish Hatchery / hike 2021/01/16 SAT 3 – 4pm
Tryon State Park 2020/12/27
Pothole Falls 2020/12/26
Camas Heritage Park, Lacamas Lake 2020/12/21
Camas Pothole Falls hike 2020/12/17 THU 3:05 – 4:35pm
Vancouver lake walk 4.5 miles 2020/12/15 TUE 3:21 – 4:52pm
walk w/Yvonne Mt. Tabor 2020/12/13 SUN 1 – 2:30pm
Trail of Ten Falls, Silverlake State Park 2020/12/12
Camas Heritage/Lacamas lake walk 2020/12/08 TUE 2:30 – 4:30pm
Marquam hike (near Forest Park) 2020/12/07 MON 11:30am – 1:15pm
Marine drive walk (along the Columbia River near PDX) 2020/12/06 SUN 3:15 – 4:45pm
Salmon Creek walk 2020/12/05 SAT 3 – 5:30pm
Mt. Tabor hike (Portland S of 84 W of 205) 2020/12/04 FRI 2 – 3:30pm
Lacamas Lake, Round Lake, PotHole Falls 2020/12/03 THU 1 – 4pm
Forest Park (Wildwood Trail from 53rd St Trailhead) 2020/11/02
Ashland Lithia Park 2020/10/29
Montaña de Oro State Park 2020/10/27
Forest Park (Wild Cherry Trail from Dogwood Trailhead) 2020/10/19
Hoh River Trail 2020/10/08
Hurricane Ridge 2020/10/07

2023 things to do:
* 230S dirt roads
Binns Hill
Browns Camp
La Dee Flats