Dougan Falls dirt roads


Kathi and I put a couple of dirt bikes in the truck and headed out to Dougan Falls to repeat the ride we did with Leigh, but this time on proper dirt bikes.

Dougan Falls dirt roads, Tue Mar 22, 2022


Bikes off the truck and ready to go!

Washington is Waterfalls

beautiful views from the crest


The snow got deep and it was time to turn around the 10 mile point. Good to do this while Kathi is still smiling :)


Kathi fly-by

Dougan Falls is really flowing hard this time of year

Kathi looks great with the falls in the background

Parking lot gravel practice

All packed up and ready to head home

Just about an hour of riding and 20 miles of gravel roads. Great first day out on dirt bikes for the new season.

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