PNW-GT Whidbey and Wynoochee


Kathi and Chris loaded the truck with Kathi's FZ07 and drove up to Seattle early in the morning to pick up Nicky's 848 from the 2WheelDynoWorks tuning shop. Instead of turning around and just driving back, we continued a bit north and took a ferry to Whidbey Island to get on the bikes and collect another PNW-GT goal. Then back to another ferry to Port Townsend and a drive south to Shelton where we stayed at our old standby Shelton Inn. The next morning, we unloaded the bikes again to drive around the Quinault area collecting another PNW-GT goal at Wynoochee Dam Overlook. Super scenic area. Then back to Shelton, back on the truck, and drive home to Vancouver.

Saga of the Ducati Superbike 848

Here's the craigslist text for the ad for this bike

2008 Ducati 848 EVO. Has less than 8,000 miles. All oil changes and services are completed.

My son bought this bike about 6 months ago for $7,700. His grades have
suffered, and I am selling his bike as a punishment. I think he may
have overpaid for this, but I know it is worth more than I am
asking. The lowest I have seen any Ducati listed for is $6k. I am
asking $4,500 because I want this to go away this weekend.

Never been laid down
Newer carbon fiber fairings
Brembo brakes
Clean title
Runs well

Selling “as is” because I don’t know enough about bikes to understand
if anything needs to be done. Feel free to come test drive and take
this away. I will have to have cash in hand to let you test drive
because I don’t want it wrecked. Also, please don’t lowball me on
this. I know I am selling this below market price and need the full
$4,500 for another project.

The seller is a lying bastard. The bike had been crashed and totaled, so it has a bit of fairing stay frame damage and a salvage title. Also it was not running well. In fact, it had 2 significant problems. But still a reasonable deal for $4,500. It's a testament to the awesome power of this bike that, for a while, I didn't notice it was running on only one cylinder. The bike is kind of reasonable --- maybe a bit below average --- on one cylinder. It acts like an anemic 400cc bike, but it runs well enough to cruise on the freeway. It just doesn't like revving below about 3000 rpm and there's no high end power hit like you'd expect.

On this trip, I started to get frustrated. It wouldn't accelerate up Highway 26. It wouldn't warm up above about 120°F. It got terrible mileage, like ~25 mpg. And the check-engine light kept coming on. My conclusion was the bike was running rich. After a bit of research I found a tuning shop in Seattle that customers raved about. I decided to give the bike to them and have them correct the rich running problem. I delivered the bike on June 24 figuring I'd figure out a way to pick it up in a few days.

This trip, on July 21, 4 weeks later was to pick up the bike after they fixed it. They immediately discovered that the front cylinder was cold, not firing at all. They replaced the spark plugs and then reflashed the ECU and tuned the bike on their dyno. After this, and $960, the bike runs A W E S O M E ! ! It warms up properly, gets about 50 mph. It pulls like a fricken freight train and handles like a dream. I love it for a track bike. Not sure how much fun it will be to ride slow around town though.

Post tune dyno map --- 123 horsepower from an 848cc bike --- incredible!

Daily Details and Naration

0) Jul 21 Thu Drive to Seattle and Whidbey, 2 ferry rides
1) Jul 22 Fri Ride around Quinault then back home

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