PNW-GT Cooper Spur Mt. Hood, Tue Jun 21, 2022


First (failed) attempt to get to Cooper Spur on Mt. Hood, June 2nd

We made two attempts at this goal. Our first try on June 2nd (3 weeks earlier) was thwarted by heavy rain at the top of Mt. Hood and a Ducati 848 that was running on only one cylinder (story on this trip). On our 2nd attempt 3 weeks later, on June 21, the weather was A LOT better and we enjoyed a successful goal.

The first ride started out (and finished) as a nice warm day, but in the middle, signs to carry chains made us a bit concerned. By the turn off to HWY35, we were wondering about snow as it was much colder and raining harder. We decided not to risk it and turned around to try another day.

The rain and cold added to Kathi's unease on a bike she had ridden with enjoyment in Las Vegas in December. As a first ride back after our motorcycle tour of the Adriatic Coast, she was caught off guard by the steering difference she noticed between the bike on the tour, a BMW 310R, and the FZ07. Fortunately, the discomfort didn't last much beyond this trip, but it was an additional surprise for the day.

getting ready to ride up to Mount Hood to collect our first flag on the PNW Grand Tour

up at government camp where we are in cold rain and deciding to turn around and go back instead of proceeding outward. it's a good thing we did this because we would have run out of gas if we had proceeded.

2nd (successful) trip to Cooper Spur Resort goal GT02 on the PWN-GT

Rider 120 (Chris) at PNW-GT goal GT02 Cooper Spur Resort

Rider 121 (Kathi) at PNW-GT goal GT02 Cooper Spur Resort

Chris coming back from a quick jaunt up Cloud Cap Rd to the Cooper Spur ski area

some of the scenery on the way back

Dinner at Kickstand Coffee in Hood River Oregon


Against Kathi's wishes, we crossed The Bridge of the Gods on the way back. Wasn't as bad as she feared, yay!