Superbike School and Forks


Kathi and Chris put a couple of bikes on a trailer and rode up to The Ridge Raceway in Shelton WA for California Superbike School. On the way, we rode the bikes to PNW-GrandTour goals WA6 Little White Church of Elbe WA. After Superbike School, we rode up to WA1 Forks WA and then up to the coastal town of Clallam Bay for lunch before heading home.

Daily Details and Naration

0) Jul 5 Mon trailered bikes to Spiffy's, rode to Elbe and back
1) Jul 6 Tue Superbike School at The Ridge
2) Jul 7 Wed trailered bikes to Queets, rode up to Clallam Bay and back
3) Jul 8 Thu trailered bikes home from Hoquiam

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Where we stayed

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