First dirt ride of 2023, Fri Mar 17, 2023

Kathi and Chris drove the Tacoma with our two new Kawasaki KLX230S dual-sports in the back up to the end of 412th in Washougal to the place where Chris and Tony rode around February last year. There was still a lot of snow on the ground, so we headed down hill towards Skamania Mines Rd with the goal of riding over towards Dougan Falls. Skamania Mines Rd was really good for warmup practice. But the gate to 1200 Rd was closed and we could not get over to Dougan Falls. Overall, our ride was about 15 miles and took us about an hour.

Unloading bikes at the Jones Creek trail crossing

Skamania Mines Rd was super pretty

1200 Rd over to Dougan Falls is not opened yet

My bike clamping system needs some modifications to hold these dirt bikes securely

I'm going to make some narrower clamps so the pins aren't extended so far.
And a bit longer so the front wheels are held securely in the front chocks without moving the hold-down brackets.