Death Valley, Las Vegas Shows, Calico Canyon, and a new bike


Kathi and Chris flew out to Las Vegas to visit Nicky and Olivier, see some shows, hike in Death Valley (cool February :-)) and see some Vegas shows.

While there we lowered the new (to us) FZ07 and took it on a ride to Calico Canyon.

When we got home, we found a gem on craigslist.

Daily Details and Naration

0) Jan 31 Mon Flew to Las Vegas
1) Feb 1 Tue drove to Death Valley, hiked, dinner at The Inn
2) Feb 2 Wed more Death Valley hiking then back to Vegas
3) Feb 3 Thu worked on bikes, saw Penne & Teller show
4) Feb 4 Fri rode Calico Canyon Loop, saw Atomic Saloon show
5) Feb 5 Sat Dainese Store then fly back to PDX
6) Feb 6 Sun Bought a new bike

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