2023 Thanksgiving Road Trip


For years we've done Thanksgiving dinner with the Stassens, Johnsons and Fauberts in McMinville Oregon. Many of those years we drove our RV from Danville to Oregon for the event. For two years we've done it at The Chalet in Vancouver. This year we did the RV trip in reverse and drove down to Redwood City (Andy & Lizzie) and Palo Alto (Kathi's family, Michelle & Doug, Deborah, and grandma Kay).


Daily Details and Naration

0) Nov 21 Tue Drive Chalet to Weed CA
1) Nov 22 Wed Weed to Redwood City, cook pies and bread
2) Nov 23 Thu More cooking and a lot of eating
3) Nov 24 Fri Eating pies and visiting
4) Nov 25 Sat Eating, visiting, and driving north to Ashland Oregon
5) Nov 26 Sun Final drive home

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Where we stayed

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