2021 California visit trip with motorcycle riding


Kathi and Chris drove their Tacoma with two motorcycles in the back down to California to visit family and friends. On the way, we unloaded the bikes to ride around some of the places Matt and Chris rode a few months earlier. This was a great way to introduce Kathi to some beautiful riding, without the Grizwoldian trek of driving 600 miles down I-5 on motorcycles.

Daily Details and Naration

The original plan was like this. We followed in fairly closely, except for the last few days when it was cold, a bit rainy, and we were getting tired, so we just sped on home.

0) Oct 13 Wed To Seven Feathers and ride up the South Umpqua River through the towns of Day's Creek and Tiller
1) Oct 13 Thu Highway 199 to Crescent City then ride in Del Norte Redwood Forest and hike in Ladybird Johnson Grove
2) Oct 13 Fri Ride Matole Rd and the Avenue of the Giants just south of Eureka, then drive to Palo Alto
3) Oct 13 Sat Flameworking I day 1
4) Oct 13 Sun Flameworking I day 2
5) Oct 13 Mon visit Orit & Paul
6) Oct 13 Tue ride motorcycles on Page Mill, Skyline, Alpine to Alice's Restaurant and La Honda, then visit Paul & Toni
7) Oct 13 Wed visit Fawn
8) Oct 13 Thu visit Mike & Dave and Alec
9) Oct 13 Fri visit Dan Rosenthal and Daniel Filip then dinner at Rob & Julie's with Larry & Janice and Vince & Luna
10) Oct 13 Sat Flameworking II day 1
11) Oct 13 Sun Flameworking II day 2, then drive in the rain to Redding
12) Oct 13 Mon Drove home in the rain with a stop for hiking at Lithia Park in Ashland Oregon

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Where we stayed

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