Road Trip to Visit family and friends in California


discussion of who went, what bikes we rode, etc. Also on the tour were

Daily Details and Naration

0) Oct 22 Thu Drove to Redding CA
1) Oct 22 Fri Drove to Danville and Palo Alto, visited with Orit and Paul and Kathi's family
2) Oct 22 Sat visited Mike and Dave then had dinner with Celia and Craig
3) Oct 22 Sun brunch with Paul and Toni then drove to Morro Bay to see Matt and Toni
4) Oct 22 Mon visited with Matt and Toni and hiked MontaƱa de Oro State Park
5) Oct 22 Tue more visiting, then drive back to Palo Alto for dinner with Dan and Sarah McCloskey, and Russel Smith
6) Oct 22 Wed Nuro.AI tour with Dan, visited with Larry and Janice, then Jonathan Faubert at Stanford before driving North
7) Oct 22 Thu Drove home stopping for a hike at Lithia Park in Ashland Oregon

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Where we stayed

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