Olympic National Park RV Camping with Kathi


After Chris extolling the wonders of an RV road-trip to the Alvord Desert, Kathi was intrigued by the idea of a rain forest road trip to Olympic National Park.

We spent 3 wonderful days driving up and around the park in a counter clockwise direction visiting some of the best spots and walking some incredible trails.

Early October is a GREAT time to visit Olympic Park. The weather is warm, but not hot. The rains are coming in a few days, but it's still dry and clear. The trip was Magical!

Daily Details and Naration

0) Oct 6 Tue Left Vancouver at 2pm to head North
1) Oct 6 Wed Dungeneous Forks to Sequim, Hurricane Ridge, Crescent Lake
2) Oct 6 Thu Walked all day in the Hoh Rainforest, then Ruby Beach
3) Oct 6 Fri After a night in the Quinault Lodge, we drove home

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Vancouver to Dungeneous Forks Campground Tally Ho! and Hurricane Ridge Hoh Rainforest Heading home

Where we stayed

Dungeneous Forks Hoh Rainforest Quinault Lodge
Route Overview Map

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